Hi There!I'm Amy.

I'm a UX designer based in San Francisco with a background in architecture and project management. 

My early passion for design first led me to the field of architecture. Architecture involves both the need for creativity and constructibility and an understanding of human behavior, strategic design thinking, and empathy. Upon pursuing architecture, I learned to design functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces per client requirements and constraints. I also learned that good design comes from an iterative process, where you continually take (and give) and improve upon feedback.

After receiving my bachelor's degree in Architecture from UC Berkeley, I worked in construction management in San Francisco. During this time, I managed cross-disciplinary teams to deliver projects on budget, schedule, and scope. The experience contributed to my strengths in working with multiple stakeholders to solve problems, strategize, and execute solutions. This experience also made me become hyper-aware of working within a project’s schedule and budget.

Pivoting to UX design, I’ve come to find that these skill sets transferred to my practice as a UX designer. Where I am not only designing digital products that are aesthetically pleasing and advocate for user needs but also collaborating and taking into consideration the needs of internal stakeholders.