Hi There!
I'm Amy.

I'm an end-to-end product designer who drives projects from conception to pixel-perfect delivery.

I design solutions across web and mobile. Check out my work in workflow management, online retail, productivity, social media, and more.


A workflow management platform streamlining the building permit process.

Fit Check

Help Ikea customers determine if their cart will fit inside their vehicle.


Help individuals engage with their local communities.


Responsive retail site that curates your home.

More About Me :

A designer based in
San Francisco.

I'm a UX designer with a background in architecture and construction management.

My early passion for design first led me to the field of architecture. I learned to design functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces under different requirements and constraints. My later career in construction management contributed to my strengths in working with multiple stakeholders to solve problems and deliver projects on budget, schedule, and scope.

These skillsets transfer to my practice in UX design. Where I am not only designing products that are aesthetically pleasing and advocating for user needs, but also collaborating and taking into consideration the needs of internal stakeholders.